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I help people overcome Leader’s Block, a condition which hinders managers – and causes them to underperform in their leadership role. Many leaders encounter Leader’s Block without even realising it


The organisations I have consulted for

I have worked with a slew of first class organisations. These include:

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Transition smoothly from one role to another

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Conquer role fatigue
and disengagement

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Repair and sustain stakeholder relationships

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Align leadership styles
with company cultures

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Overcome the roadblocks to building the right team

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Driving employee engagement

My business experience

I have worked at the highest levels in various Multi-National Companies: P&G, GE and Genpact. Here are some of the key highlights of my career:

Running a multi-million dollars business vertical. Managing 1000+ people across eight countries and five continents. Driving big scale transformation and change projects involving sensitive aspects like offshoring, outsourcing, automation, upskilling and re-skilling. Turning around client relationships. Maintaining a balance of high employee engagement scores with a great NPS (net promoter score)


Leader’s cry too

We have a problem in the world. Society doesn’t allow our leaders to fail. They’re either in or out. Successes or flops. There’s no room for a dip in performance. No matter what’s behind a sudden decline. 


I have identified a condition called Leader’s Block (a bit like Writer’s Block). It’s an ailment that strikes most leaders at some point in their careers. A minority of leaders can bounce back by themselves. But the majority of leaders struggle and quite often end up leaving their jobs out of exasperation and a feeling of inevitability. Which is not an ideal outcome for organisations who can’t afford to lose talent.

From an epiphany
to a book

As I worked with a slew of brilliant leaders on their challenges, it dawned on me that there are thousands of books, articles, and motivational talks that tell leaders how to get better at being a leader, but no-one is talking about the challenges, fears, and dilemmas that leaders go through. I decided to fill that gap! 


I interviewed hundreds of leaders and with their stories and insights, I wrote my book ‘Leader’s Block’. It has become a bestseller in several countries around the world. And since then, I have been speaking on the topic of Leader’s Block as a professional speaker. 

Leadership Troubleshooter

Causes of
Leader’s Block

Leaders Block can be caused by boredom, the unprepared transition to a new role, a clash of styles with a superior and many other seemingly innocuous issues.


And that’s where I come in. I am a Leadership Troubleshooter. I help ‘unblock’ leaders from the obstacles in their way.


I work with leaders and their teams, to identify the blocks in their daily work lives, and help them find a path to get them back on track. Help them reach their full potential. 

How I became a

Leadership Troubleshooter

As I look back, the common thread throughout my career has been my ability to connect with people and help them overcome problems. And as a result, help them perform better in their jobs. 


I didn’t know it at the time, but my natural knack for coaching people was more than just a skill. It was a calling. Something I discovered by working with a fabulous coach who opened my eyes to my ‘why’ in life. “You’re here to help people,” she said. My sessions with that coach was a turning point. 


I decided to become an executive coach, facilitator and troubleshooter.

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My qualifications

I did my Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University, India and I am a Chartered Certified Accountant from UK. My accreditations are below:

  • I am a certified coach and group facilitator. 

  • Associate Certified Coach,
    ACC [International Coach Federation]

  • Associate Coach, Marshall Goldsmith
    Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  • MBTI and FIRO-B Certified

  • Hogan Assessments 

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • The Leadership circle 360 Assessment

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A new role can be challenging. Leaders have to cope with a new learning curve, new relationships and unforeseen obstacles. I help them prepare100 day plans so they can transition successfully into their  new role.

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I coach leaders and their teams to gain self-awareness of their own mindset, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Which in turn enables them to succeed as a leader. 

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“There is no such thing as business problems,” said Henry Ford. “There are only people problems.” Which is why I coach leaders and their teams to engage with their stakeholders effectively. And build stronger relationships.

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We is better than me. I help work groups to operate as an effective team through the key tenets of: building trust, resolving conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability and focusing on results.


Executive and group coaching


Transformative leadership programs for growth
and engagement

With the rapid transformation of market conditions, business models and digital/technology disruption, your organization is either leading those changes, responding to those changes or preparing for those changes. Either way, your people are being impacted. The constant ambiguity and uncertainty can be overwhelming.

‘Transformative Leadership Programs’ aim to help leaders become future ready. Prepared to lead themselves, their teams and the organisation into a new leadership era! These programs are delivered in person or virtually and are a combination of self-paced learning and group coaching.


A Blueprint for leaders to successfully
transition in their new roles


Women leadership program for bringing
a different perspective to business


Facilitated team conversations to foster trust, collaboration, accountability, and get results


Program for young leaders to accelerate
their leadership journey


Turning disengaged employees into engaged ones

Disengaged employees can have an adverse affect on your culture and teams. According to Gallup, the tangible cost of a poorly engaged employee is up to 34% of their salary. The intangible cost is invisible but quite often worse. If the employee leaves, there’s a loss of tactical knowledge, the caustic ripple effect of losing a star talent and the negative impact on morale.

To circumvent these issues, I apply a key principle on every project I take on board. It’s called Rapid Intervention. It’s an approach that helps tackle the problem of disengaged employees quickly and effectively. It is a proven method that helps organisations of all sizes protect their high performance teams and nurture long term engagement.


What my clients say about my coaching


What delegates say about my speaking


My speaking topics

Through speaking, I tell the stories of other leaders who have gone through the challenges and blocks that you are facing. Hope these stories will encourage, inspire and influence you. And help you find a little bit of yourself in them.

Speaking Topics
Leader’s Block:
Everyone Stumbles. The best learn how to recover

I debunk the idea that leaders have to be superman or wonder-woman to be successful. I strongly believe that leaders are humans and as long as they are humans they will fail, fumble and falter. I talk about deepening self-awareness, building strong networks and the role of an organization in supporting leaders. 

is a leader

Anyone who can influence, inspire and impact even a single person is a leader! Leadership starts with working on self. I share key components of building self-leadership through growth mindset, and taking accountability for your career!

Leadership Staying-Power: Preparing for the new future

Today leaders are expected to embrace and lead change, make tough decisions, inspire others and much more.This requires the leaders to show up differently, lead differently and operate differently. I share strategies to help leaders prepare to play a long term game, build resilience and be ready for the rapidly changing landscape.

Intersection of
Gratitude and Pursuit

Happiness is that ever elusive feeling. I talk about the sweet spot of happiness by practicing the right amount of gratitude combined with the right dose of pursuit. Gratitude and Pursuit are two ends of the spectrum, but both are equally important in our search for happiness.


Contact Me

I have lived in multiple countries and am currently based in Singapore with my husband and two lovely children.

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When you work with me you can do good.

I am a member of B1G1, an organisation that supports good causes all around the world.

So when you work with me, you can donate a percentage of the fee you give me to a cause you care about.

B1G1 is great way for us all to give back to the community. So while I am hired to do good things for your leaders and employees, you can do good things for the less privileged.

I look forward to making a better world together.

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