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Leadership, block by block

Why does a dynamic team leader, once greatly passionate about work, suddenly seem demotivated and disengaged? Is it mere professional burnout, or a case of what may be called leader’s block?

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Leaders' Block: What prevents managers from asking for help?
Leaders are not superheroes; they may fail, falter and make mistakes, and it's important to have an open conversation when they need support.

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Leader's Block is as Common as Flu:

Be it politics, in business corporations or any other field, we expect a person in a leadership position to be infallible – a guiding light to the people they are working with. But what happens when a leader feels uninspired to pursue the job they once loved?

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Leader’s Block is the new normal. As leaders you are not superheroes, you are humans who have attained a leadership position due to your hard work, effort, and experience. Like all humans, you are prone to failures, obstacles, challenges, and blocks. The key is to recognize, acknowledge and then overcome them.

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.In the book, Ritu has provided an interesting angle to something all leaders experience but don’t know what to call it. By giving this phase a name “Leader’s Block” Ritu has made it easy for leaders to talk more openly about it. The stories of other leaders make the book very engaging and highly relatable. I would recommend this book to all leaders!

- Vinod Kumar, CEO, Tata Communications


Leader's Block is a unique Manager Self Help guide, in which Ritu Gupta Mehrish addresses a very real but taboo issue in the corporate world.  She keeps the reader engaged through numerous tales from middle and senior managers about their experiences with Leader's Block, and how they conquered their leadership demons.  Along the way, we learn about how to diagnose lack of engagement in the workplace, and the importance of developing keen self-awareness.  This is a problem that is prevalent across organizations globally, and is an important issue to tackle given how much of our lives we devote to our jobs"

- Ken Samuels, Senior Director, Medical Operations, Pfizer



Leaders block is an excellent read that brings to life the “not so glamourous” aspects of a leadership journey. Ritu has done an amazing job creating frameworks around acknowledging the block and delivers specific recommendations for leaders and organisations to overcome it in a systematic manner. Highly recommended!

- Nandini Maheshwari, Head of Business Development, India, Uber

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith talks Leader's Block

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